Be The Undisputed Champion Of Pixel Gun 3D With These Strategies


Playing any game, mobile, computer or both, requires channelizing your strategies and moves in an effective manner. For this, you need to know and master the sneak peeks of the game. Experience alone can give you that niche. In pixel gun 3d, which is a great first-person shooter (FPS) game, spanning in both survival and multi-player modes, you need to find and affirm the most feasible mode to play the game more efficiently. The Arena is such a game-mode here. The sole objective is to play and survive or thwart as many waves as you can.

pixel gun 3d comes with an array of maps, which is one of the central points of the game. They are Colosseum, Foggy Swamp, Space Station, Ice Hockey Arena, Abandoned Mineshaft, Atlantis, Medieval Castle, Space Station, and Scary Pizzeria being a few notable ones. As far as your strategy is concerned, you can find many strategies in Arena Mode. An effective strategy will be to obtain an explosive weapon with considerable mobility. The Gravity Gun is one such weapon, which is primarily created for this kind of mode. It obliterates enemies’ MOBS in just three hits. The end mobs get two while the regular gets one hit. Beow given more pixel gun 3d hack, cheats, strategies and guides for you. take a look.

You have the Dark Matter Generator working in this role. It has similar but not identical components like the Gravity Gun. After picking your weapon, it’s time to shoot and roll. You need to remember that each time you are out; you must keep assimilating ammunition for the Bas cannon or Gravity Gun along with the shields. After reaching wave 10 in pixel gun 3d, your most effective tactic would be to jump on the mob heads through a rocket jump. The rocket jump falls flat on their heads, swamping them in fours or fives at one go.

Another great and proven strategy can be with a Peacemaker. You can also entail any sort of mini gun centric weapon. Owing to the capacity of bullets a Peacemaker entails, you can go a minimum of 30 or even more shooting rounds with this weapon without dying or draining out. However, you need to keep good armor for this. You also need to keep collecting pickups for ammo and run around in a specific circle around the concerned area. You need to do this while shooting at your foes. This would give you a large score besides fetching a large amount of coins in pixel gun 3d.

As a part of Trivia for pixel gun 3d, the player would not take any explosive collateral damage in the Arena mode. It would make the Ruby Helmet and auxiliary self-destruction reducing weapons utterly futile. In the Arena Mode, your weapons have a limit in compliance with the volume of ammunition you are allowed to hold in reserve. As a skilled player, you will find that the Arena mode is the surest and the most effective pathway to obtain a large cache of coins sans dishing out actual money. You will find a bug wherein you need to jump quite high and at the perfect angle. You can then escape the concerned map. The 9.2 update, however has removed that part.


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