Boost Up Your Game Play with Mobile Strike

Have you ever wanted to build an ultimate strong base? Have you ever wanted to form alliances and conquer enemies? If you have not encountered with any such kind of game previously, then this would be a golden opportunity for trying this game out.

The game of mobile strike will help you to witness the evolution of modern battles. From constructing massive bases to commanding an army, it will expose you to all the gruesome and dreaded scenes behind a battlefield. If you are up for a highly challenging game of actions, then this is bound to be a perfect game for you to uncover and conquer. Hence, get ready to begin your journey to world domination with this game and uncover various secrets along the way.

Very recently, Advanced Traps was introduced to this game. It consists of a brand new set of wall traps. Extremely effective, these traps are strong enough to counter any kinds of obnoxious creatures or even artillery, for that matter. In mobile strike, Advanced Traps are considered to be exceptionally specialized. These traps are strong enough to counter against some specific troop types. Similar to regular traps, these advanced traps usually come in four distinct tiers. As you would be advancing from one tier to another, you would be gaining increased strength subsequently. These are specifically utilized mobile strike hack in trap accounts. But prior to unlocking it, you would first be required to unlock the normal traps.


Prior to attacking your opponent, you should always ensure to consider certain vital factors. Before sending out your army, make sure that you are ready for battle. Following are some of the common factors for consideration. In mobile strike, your Commander should always be present in an attack. Never fail to add him since he is one of the principle figure required in order to win. Always ensure to equip your army in the best way possible. Avail usage of exclusive artillery prior to attacking. Finally, it is considered a major mandate for checking on your opponents’ commander gear and equipment. Accordingly, prepare your commander and equip him with all the best gear. Upgrading your commander will also come in handy at this level.

Crates are always filled with supplies of varied kinds. These should always be availed while you are at your base. Opening crates will come of great use to you while you advance in this game. In mobile strike, you should always tap on these crates if you see it moving. On opening it, you would be able to gain free rewards simply for playing this game. Always ensure to check for timers underneath craters. If there are timers present, you should never think of opening it. Finally, as you would go on opening these supply crates, you would be liable for gaining potential rewards, that too on a daily basis.

If you would want to conquer your enemies and win this game, it is necessary for following varied tips and suggestions given by the game. On following it, you would be able to formulate some quick and smart moves. These would ultimately save you in the long run. Hence, never fail to ignore these effective tips. Make the most out of this game by following it efficiently and emerge as a true conqueror.


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