Thrilling User Experience With The Simcity Buildit Game


Having been an avid player of the strategy building games, I was only overly excited with the launch of the newer version of the Simcity Buildit. The game is indeed detailed and easy to understand even for those that wish to try their hands on such a game for the first time. But surely the game has some of the most attractive features that make the gaming experience a pleasure. There is much to indulge in while also using the brain enjoying a quality leisure time. Players however will need a high-end gadget to be able to play the game well without it shutting down.

Using of the patience

One of the first things that will impress any player just as it did me is the high-quality 3-D graphics that bring to life the city much like the picture postcards that you find in the souvenir shops. This helps in getting the best user experience as you get moving into the building business. As with any game, surely I made use of my patience to make money and not use any of it from my pocket. This is a feature that many prefer to skip and then end up cribbing about playing the game being expensive. These are the simcity buildit cheats which helps user silently.

Taking a systematic approach


Each of the phases in the Simcity Buildit comes in a systematic way just as you would expect it to happen in real life in a real city. At the initial stages, it is good to have more than just the basic amenities in the city as there will be the need for the future improvements. Getting the default systems updated to the new one will help you in countering any problem early in the day. I got my production units to begin producing soon so that I did not have to wait for much for the material to build the upgraded city right from the start.

Getting the strategy right

Always keeping in mind that it is a strategy making game, I was sure to earn as much revenue I could from my citizens by making more residential blocks but of course in a systematic way. At the same time, it is good to keep in mind that they have their specific requirements like health, education, water, hygiene and also entertainment. Having it all in place systematically will ensure that they are all happy, and you get the regular earnings from your revenue. It is always essential to keep in mind the safety factor for the citizens that I did by building the firestation at the earliest.

Getting the reward

In all, like any other player I simply loved playing the game placing the right thing at the right time. There is also the profound experience of demolishing to be able to build better and upgraded structures. The beautiful day and night effect of the graphics makes the building of the city an even greater pleasure. The new version also has the provision of the extension of the land that makes it even better. Probably the crown of it lies in participating in the contests where the best Mayor gets the Mega polis title for her or his city.

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